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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Elvira Diaz with Christian her 7 yr old FTM child



Please don't miss this spectacular interview Sunday 10/7/12 at 11pm Eastern standard time.

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/transitionradio/2012/10/08/elvira-diaz-mother-to-a-10-year-old-ftm-child  Listen live and call in for questions or comment's (646) 716-6895, follow us for a skype meet and greet, our skype id is transitionradio.
Elvira Diaz immigrant from Mexico City Catholic single mom divorce with two kids Shirley Diaz (23) Christian Arroyo(7). After a divorce of a marriage of 15 years I decide to start my life all over and have one more child as a single Mom. At that time I was the director of Religious Education for the Catholic Church in Saint John of Baptist in Costa Mesa CA. I got fired from been pregnant outside marriage. I decide to have my child and after my child was born I move to Sparks Nevada. The physical body of my child is female. For the first 4 years of his life I have a baby Girl Jessica Astrid Arroyo. I notice something different on my baby. She like Winnie the Pooh, Spider Man and played with cars, She did not like to wear dresses and acts like a boy. She is very good looking but she did not like to take pictures.

One day she told me that she was a Boy and wants to have a winnie. I did not know what was happening to my little girl. I am an activist myself and I always defend the immigrant rights in this country. I went to a Gay event to talk about immigrant rights, I went with Jessica and after that event I notice many girls looked like my Jessica like a boy not a lesbian, like boys but older. One week before the event Jessica wanted me to cut her long blonde hair and I did after that people around me told me you have a very handsome boy. I did my research to find out what was happening to my baby, I spent the whole Sunday with my daughter Shirley watching on you tube episodes of transgender children. I cry after that day. But I learn that I have a transgender child. When it was Jessie’s Birthday, he decide to be called Christian and use he, instead of she, was for me like learning a new language. I felt confused and many of my old friends criticized me until now.

But I know today that Christian is happy with who he is and I am going to support him until I die.
I have been involved in many different ways helping the lives of all transgender individuals making their lives better. I will advocate for them until I die. God Bless you for being yourself.

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