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Monday, October 1, 2012

Trans Awakening

I sit back and reminisce about my life, the every turn I took as my journey unfolded before my very eyes. I now realize there are no coincidence in life, everything has a purpose and a lesson. I am who I am due to the spirits need to express and create its natural being. Most transgender individuals see this as a curse, but I have learned to accept it as a gift. If I had to relive my path I wouldn't do one thing different, for it has been perfect in every way.

My goal is to help others rejoice in their path and to understand who they truly are, we are not a mistake, we were born this way for a reason. Tune in tonight's show and share your experience, when was your Trans awakening moment? call in (646) 716-6895 or listen in http://www.blogtalkradio.com/transitionradio/2012/10/02/your-trans-awakening-moment

Creator Gods awaken to your path and ride the waive of evolution to your true self.

Much Love

MarkAngelo & Jessica Lynn Cummings

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