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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mackenzie Azrael LIve on Transition Radio TV Show July 11th at 9 PM EST

Mackenzie Azrael (Az-ray-elle) is a transgendered performer, actress, activist, and talent manager. She lives in Philadelphia, Mississippi which is home to the 1960’s civil rights murders, so growing up LGBT in the South has always been a challenge. Coming out as a gay male in the late 90’s Mackenzie was soon drawn into the world of drag. She has held several prestigious titles including Duchess of the South and Miss Drag All-Star Southern Regional. Mackenzie and was also voted 2011 Mississippi Fan Favorite: Best Female Illusionist by Out On The Town Magazine readers. Mackenzie is also a regular contributor for the magazine as a part-time staff writer. Mackenzie realized she was transgendered. After searching for information and struggling to begin her transition for more than 4 years, Mackenzie will have been transitioning for one year starting July 12, which will also be her 33 birthday. The beginning of 2013 Mackenzie made a new year resolution not to hide who she was anymore, and work to make a difference. Since then she has appeared on the Jerry Springer show, which kick started her acting career. After her national appearance in February she was signed by Southern Sisters Entertainment a film company located in Mississippi. Southern Sisters started following and filming Mackenzie for 2 documentaries. “Rainbow’s Over Mississippi” which is about the struggle of growing up LGBT in the South, and the fight for equality. Also “Three Women and a Rabbi” The story of 3 women born transsexual, one older and retired, another 30 something and still searching for success and a third an 18 year old pre op looking for her way, then we insert Duncan, a man who was born a female but has now embraced both is manhood and his New Jewish Religion. Mackenzie was also signed to co-star in the new TV Show currently in production “Para-trans-vestigators” which is about Transgendered Ghost Hunters. Mackenzie will also be featured in the new ground breaking book by Tim Westmoreland “Un-Tucked”.

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  1. I am so impressed. I have been on-line friends with M. for years and had NO clue she was so talented and creative! Our friendship is based on something totally unrelated to transgender or acting, but something that does have it's own set of problems and heartaches; no matter what, M. was there for me if I needed help. AND, I have never heard her whine about the tough road she has been following. Leah in Dixie too.

  2. Cannot wait for the interview! See you all soon! xxoo, Mackenzie

  3. People, you are going to LOVE this interview with Mackenzie! She's a truly amazing and caring woman who I've known for 10 years as a dear friend, associate/coworker and now as her business partner. I'm very blessed to have her in my life.

    You don't want to miss this interview. Mackenzie's transition story is a true rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, adversity and success. I know you'll enjoy listening.

    Far Northern California

  4. We are looking forward to our interview with her too, and thank you all for you support.

  5. Mackenzie is such a strong spirited and wonderful woman. I am so excited for her and all the listeners will not be disappointing!

  6. Although I dont know Mackenzie all that well she has been a big help in my life lately. She is very talented and an inspiration to others going through the same struggles she has gone through.

  7. M is such a wonderful person. She has become a great friend to me and is caring and kind. There aren't words to describe how she has helped and guided me.

    Above all of that, she is one of the most dedicated people I know!!

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