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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Joe Ippolito live on Transition Radio TV show Thursday 8/29/13 at 9 PM EST

Joe Ippolito transitioned his gender from female-to-male 12-years ago. Since this time, he has been working at the forefront the transgender movement. Joe is most notably known for his 11-years of dedicated service work with the Philadelphia Trans-health Conference.
Joe is a Doctor of Psychology, a Community Faculty Member, and a hospital clinician. Joe will be teaching a course entitled, "LGBT issues in Psychology," in the fall of 2013. Joe is also working on a number of community related multi-media projects, something that has become a favorite pass time and hobbie of his. He is directing and producing his first multi-media project and film entitled, "Growing Old Gracefully: The Transgender Experience," which explores issues related to growing older as a transgender person. He is also the Founder & Chair of, "Gender Reel," a coast-to-coast film and performance art festival dedicated to enhancing the visibility of gender non-conforming and transgender people. Lastly, he is embarking on creating Gender Reel's for profit sister company, "Two Queers and A Camera," which is set to debut in October 2013.
Academically, Joe has consults and mentors students. He is coming out with his first co-authored chapter on aging in 2014, with the release of the book "Trans Bodies, Trans Selves." Joe is also the recipient of three awards commemorating his work with the community; 2002 HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment Award, 2011 Leeway Art & Change Grant, and 2012 Leeway Transformation Grant.

When not working, which is rare, Joe enjoys spending time with his pets, working out, watching all kinds of films, having coffee and dinner with friends, traveling, walking in nature, exploring vintage clothing stores and looking at art

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