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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Live on Transition Radio with Kenna Henderson Nov 19th at 630 PM EST

Kenna Henderson is a writer whose personal story,  Kenna / A Transgender Life, was published in 2012.

Since then, she has written a followup, I'm Not The Man I Used To Be, along with three other books of humor fiction under the author name "Clay Reston".  She also writes and edits books for others.

Being acutely aware of her gender self-identity as early as age six, she found herself with nowhere to turn for information or advice.  It was the 1940s, and she somehow quickly learned that her sense of being "different" had to be kept secret.

After five decades of internal struggle, trying to understand and fight the feelings, she gained access to the internet and was able to learn more about what she was dealing with.  Consultation with medical professionals convinced her that there was nothing "wrong" about the way she felt.  But another ten years would pass before there was total self-acceptance and, finally, determination to live her life as she knew she needed to.

On her own, Kenna decided to work in female mode to seek validation of the person she felt she was. A journal of that experience, as documented in her long-running blog called "Another Self", is included in her first book.

Kenna Henderson also has about 130 songs to her credit, including some that directly address the transgender experience.

She sees her role now as being a source of support and inspiration for others who walk the same path, and to that end she is actively engaged as co-organizer of a local LGBT group.

Kenna is very happily married and lives in Florida. where she has assisted with the rescue of Great Danes and other animals for the last twenty years.

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