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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Gone To Soon

It is with great sadness that I must report the passing of Bishop S. F. Makalani-MaHee. Bishop who Died the Evening of November 20, Transgender Day Of Remembrance. After a massive heart attack induced by the cocktail of Testosterone and Blood Pressure Medication, Bishop who collapsed on stage November 3, was not able to fight their broken down body and is no longer with us today.
Cross-sex hormones are dangerous, and a female body cannot withstand the dose of Testosterone prescribed to alleviate the so-called gender dysphoria which is the protocol treatment of choice. In addition, most trans men develop high blood pressure which is one of the many side effects of T, the combination of both is deadly as seen by Bishop's death.

There is no mention of this of course in the media or social circles, instead of pointing out the obvious and trying to warn others, the trans community would rather sweep this information under a rug and just focus on the work Bishop has done for the community, a community he was a part of, and a condition that he died for. No one is born wrong, what is wrong is the treatments and the frame of mind people are in and that they will stop at nothing including destroying their health, to achieve the unachievable.

Bishop was too young to die, a death that could have been prevented had they not been on hormones which caused the high blood pressure in the first place. Medical transitioning is destructive and dangerous, these medical "professionals" need to be held accountable for their actions, and trans people need to educate themselves regarding the dangerous grounds they are walking on, all due to shame and transing the gay away.

Bishop was a lesbian prior to transition as are many transmen who felt that transition would be a better fit for them. We will see much more falling from the unhealthy lifestyle that this community is following.

Here is last night show where we talk deep into these issues

Friday, November 10, 2017

RealTalk With The Cummings: Guest: Jordyn Alexandria Garrett

I had discovered the trans community back in the fall of 2011. I was over at a friend's place, where she stayed with her then partner at the time. We were discussing random gay topics. I can't quite remember exactly how we came across these topics, but I do remember objecting to the fact that I was indeed apart of the LGBT community. I didn't feel that it was appropriate for LGBT members to include me in a community that I did not ask to join in the first place.

 So I basically said, that I didn't feel "gay" and if God made me a female my attraction to the same sex would be deemed normal based on biblical standards. Now, I didnt say this verbatim, but my response was somewhat similar. My best friend and her ex partner sat there in complete silence. Every now and then they would respond, but mainly just stayed quiet.

If I'm not mistaken, I believe I went home that same afternoon. That's when I used my mother's laptop and typed "males who feel like females" in the search engine. I came across the word transgender. I read the description and felt instant gratification. Wait a minute???! Who else feels like this?? Who else is transgender?? How many transgenders are on the planet?? So guess what part of the Internet I went to in order to obtain this unique knowledge? YouTube.

There, I've found countless amounts of transgender-related videos. More gratification added to my plate. Just the thought of transforming myself gave me such a wonderful peace of mind. As if God resurrected my spirit with just a click of a button. I no longer have to be a piece of s### and live in total darkness and confusion.

I can uplift my self-esteem and live through these YouTube "idols". YouTube was like a drug. I had one dose of "trans-ness" and was instantly strung out. From personal videos to documentaries, to short films, to Jerry Springer, to Maury (where I first saw Mark Angelo) to what the hell am I watching, you name it, my curious 20-year-old mind stumbled across it.

I'm currently trying to create a "mental block" which is basically a strong suppression in which an individual tries to avoid certain situations. If I can block out the thought of transitioning all together I can have my mind back, but that may not be necessarily true because when I had blocked out my attraction for boys all it did was drive me into further isolation and sadness. I'll be 27 next year and never had a boyfriend.

I've dated very briefly in the past out of desperation, but nothing productive has ever gone beyond that. I'm  strongly considering on changing all my documents back to male. There's no reason to have female documentation anymore. My voice has dropped even lower since stopping HRT and my anatomy has masculinized itself all over again. YES, there are females that look male, but the average woman does not. Mark and Lynna thank you for this opportunity.

-The Androgynous One     

RealTalk With The Cummings Leaving The Trans Cult