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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Are we Trans enough?

It is amusing to see the prejudice within our own community, how many have taken their lives do to pressure from our own LGBT family. How can we be so cruel so judgemental of others when we know to well the wrath of hate and judgement. There is a wide spectrum in the transgender umbrella and all so very beautiful and unique. Let us embrace our differences, celebrate our unity as trans brothers and sisters.

We have a proud history as well as a unique beginning, these links will provide you with an amazing out look on being transgender.  http://www.trans-spirits.org/spirit_of_transgender.html

Let us rejoice take pride in who we are, we are spirit beings expressing ourselves in our true nature. Join us tonight Sunday Sept 30th for a discussion on the above issues.  Call with your questions or tell us how you identify as?

(646) 716-6895 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/transitionradio/2012/10/01/not-trans-enough
Love to you From Jess and I
The Cummings

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