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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Vocal Jazz Josh Klipp Live on Transition Radio TV

Stay tune for an amazing interview this Sunday at 4 pm EST, on www.nostr8.tv.
Josh has been a favorite of mine, he is a fellow transman who has followed his dream and it paid off.

What does a talented vocalist do after hitting the Billboard Charts, screening music videos worldwide, touring internationally and being featured on national television? Naturally...it's jazz, man. Jazz vocalist Joshua Klipp has spent the last six years focused on his pop music project, and continues to work with trail-blazing music producer Kristopher Cloud while foraying back into his first vocal love - jazz. In March 2011, Josh released his first complete jazz cd, "Josh Klipp & The Klipptones, Live at Enrico's"! Now, Josh sets out with acclaimed pianist Julie Wolf (Ani DiFranco, Indigo Girls) and Studio Engineer Jon Evans (Tori Amos) to begin work on a tribute album to his jazz muse, the iconic Chet Baker. In Spring 2010, Joshua also re-teamed up with filmmaker Aarin Burch to shoot his music video for "Little Girl" - the track released in 2007 that made music history and was featured on both The Tyra Banks Show and The L Word. In March 2011 this video made it's MTV LOGO Debut at #5 on LOGO's "Click List - Top 10 Music Videos". A Midwest transplant now living in Northern California, Josh founded and is the Creative Director for Freeplay Dance Crew - a diverse crew of hip hop dancers since 2000. He also provides artistic and technical support for several local dance companies, including Sarah Bush Dance Project, Funk4Soul, and Zari Le'on Dance Theater.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Letting your voices be Heard

We are going to bring you the voices of many transgender individuals at different levels of their transition. They will share their lives with the world, their pain, their joy, their story. We at Transition Radio are here to change the way the world sees us, to help transgender individuals leave a mark in our world to help the future generation have a place to go to for answers. To realize they are not alone, we are many and we are proud. Join us for 2013 for an amazing line up of real people that in my eyes are angelic and beautiful in every way.

January 3rd at 630 PM ES

January 1st at 630 PM EST
January 8th at 630 PM EST

Stay tune for great shows, we will bring you our voices and the voices of our allies and friends. People who are making a change in our community to better this beautiful big blue planet we live on.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

LeAnna Bradley Never to late to be yourself

Born Donald Darrell Alfred Bradley who says that even at the young age of 3, she knew something wasn't right. She didn't address that "something" until years later, when at the age of 60, she had a sex-change Operation. LeAnna was molested by her own cousin at 8 years old and bullied throughout her life. At age 15 she joined the National Guard in hopes to man up and make her life better.

Please watch this Veteran who has served her country proudly and has faced many lives challenges yet found it in her heart to be an amazing advocate and leader to the community.

Watch Live 4 PM EST Sunday December 23rd 2012 on www.notstr8.tv

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bullied by our own kind:Shane Beadle tells all

We have faced many obstacles in our lives as transgender individuals but when we face bullying from our own kind it hits home even harder, making us question our true brotherly love. Don't miss this incredible interview with Shane Beadle a brother who for worrying about his own kids being exposed to another transman's website (that although has products that are needed for transmen) and Face Book page that has adult material without parental advisory and easily accessible on any computer, was bullied and harassed for being concerned and voicing his opinion. Shane had no choice but to report it after this transman did not accept his brother's input and this egotistical transman proceeded to trash Shane by creating an abusive you tube video, blocking him and threatening him. Catch the show live December 27th at 630PM EST.

There are many individuals in our community who are only concern about themselves and will stop at nothing to get where they want to go. We must remember that our actions affect others and being modest, eliminating our ego and looking at others needs will get us further in life. We are all family and when we fail to see this and choose our own needs over others Karma will take place. We gave the individual in question the chance to be on the show but he refused and threatened as he does often to get his way. We at Transition Radio are here to let your voices be heard and to expose the truth. Thank you Shane for your bravery and wanting to let our brothers know the truth about a transman who presents himself one way and acts another.

Monday, December 17, 2012

We are back with great guests and more

Hello everyone just letting you know we are back full force and looking forward to bringing you great shows. Tomorrow we have Rajee the Author of Beyond Face Value, Thursday we have Alana Nicole and her lovely wife Bobbie two great interviews you don't want to miss. We are moved in and settled in our new home. Don't forget to tune in and show us your support. We love you Jess and Mark

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shows for Dec 18th -23rd

As you all know we will be on a one week sabbatical due to relocating and getting ourselves together. We have been providing you with great none stop shows since Sept 26th. We will resume on the 18th with amazing guests and lots of Trans related information.
Contest news: we are giving away courtesy of the http://www.thebreastformstore.com/  a pair of breast forms, all you have to do is summit a video 4 minutes or less telling us why you should be the winner of these beauties. Please be creative and keep it PG. The winner will be the one who is able to promote our show and the breast form store the most. So tell us why you should be the girl wearing this wonderful product and how much of a representative you can be. Please email the videos to transitionradioshow@gmail.com
Come on don't be shy, you know you want these breast forms that will enhance your look and life.

upcoming shows:

Dec 18th 630 PM EST Rajée Rajindra Narinesingh Author of Beyond Face Value on Transition Radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/transitionradio/2012/12/18/raje-rajindra-narinesinghauthor-of-beyond-face-value

Dec 20th 630 PM EST Alana Nicole Author of Hung in the Middle and her spouse Bobbie, on Transition Radio


Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunday December 9th Angelica Ross Live on Transition Radio TV

Angelica Ross who prefers to go by Miss Ross considers herself a Creative, creativity is a very important part of her spiritual practice and which go hand in hand with her Buddhist beliefs. "As a creative I have the freedom to express my creativity through whatever instrument or tool I am called to at any given moment". She plays the piano and guitar and loves to write music, poetry and essays and has a passion for speaking to large audiences.

Angelica enjoys photography and loves to combine it with photo shop to create work of art that speaks out to a wider audience. In particular messages of peace, courage, victory, transformation, challenge, & Love.
Check out the live interview at www.notstr8.tv Sunday Dec 9th at 4:00 PM EST

Visit her website