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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bullied by our own kind:Shane Beadle tells all

We have faced many obstacles in our lives as transgender individuals but when we face bullying from our own kind it hits home even harder, making us question our true brotherly love. Don't miss this incredible interview with Shane Beadle a brother who for worrying about his own kids being exposed to another transman's website (that although has products that are needed for transmen) and Face Book page that has adult material without parental advisory and easily accessible on any computer, was bullied and harassed for being concerned and voicing his opinion. Shane had no choice but to report it after this transman did not accept his brother's input and this egotistical transman proceeded to trash Shane by creating an abusive you tube video, blocking him and threatening him. Catch the show live December 27th at 630PM EST.

There are many individuals in our community who are only concern about themselves and will stop at nothing to get where they want to go. We must remember that our actions affect others and being modest, eliminating our ego and looking at others needs will get us further in life. We are all family and when we fail to see this and choose our own needs over others Karma will take place. We gave the individual in question the chance to be on the show but he refused and threatened as he does often to get his way. We at Transition Radio are here to let your voices be heard and to expose the truth. Thank you Shane for your bravery and wanting to let our brothers know the truth about a transman who presents himself one way and acts another.

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