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Friday, December 20, 2013

Tuesday January 7th 2014 at 630 PM EST live on Transition radio with Dr. Vartan Mardirossian FFS specialist

Dr. Vartan Mardirossian grew up in Bulgaria, he quotes  I am of Armenian origin.  Studied Medicine and Surgery in Italy, did my residency in Head and neck Surgery first in Italy and then moved to Boston, MA where I did my residency in Head and Neck surgery again.

Dr. Mardirssian did a fellowship in Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery with Dr Spiegel who is one of the fathers of facial feminization surgery (FFS), completed this past July. I have been extensively trained in FFS for the past 6 years working in close contact with my mentor. Now I am established in Jupiter FL, where my plastic surgery practice is. Our expertise includes facial and body work with a particular emphasis on facial feminization surgery. We perform surgeries in our office in a fully licensed OR or in the local hospital with highly trained and reliable staff. 

Listen live http://www.blogtalkradio.com/transitionradio/2014/01/07/dr-vartan-mardirossian-changing-the-way-you-look-and-feel

Visit his website www.palmbeachplastics.com

 Jupiter Facial Plastic Surgeon. Skype: dr Vartan Mardirossian. Our practice phone # is 562-624-0900 

Thursday January 9th 2014 at 8 PM EST Live with Calpernia Addams on Transition Radio TV

Calpernia Addams is an actress, musician, author and activist, also known for her work in and for the transsexual community through Deep Stealth Productions. Deep Stealth produces entertainment and educational material promoting understanding and growth centering on the trans community. Recently she performed alongside Jane Fonda in the 10th anniversary production of “The Vagina Monologues” at the New Orleans Super Dome to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Calpernia starred in MTV/Logo’s “Transamerican Love Story“, a show examining dating and romance for trans people. Her memoir, Mark 947, details her Southern childhood and service as a field medical combat specialist with the Navy and Marines in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War. Calpernia Addams has been entertaining for over 20 years, on stage and screen, for straight and gay audiences in venues such as the New Orleans Superdome, the Hollywood Palladium, the Hollywood Forever Masonic Temple, Bimbo’s 365 classic Jazz venue in San Francisco, Hollywood’s Henry Fonda Theatre, Nashville’s The Parthenon, the Tennessee Performing Arts Center and countless others. She has headlined or Grand Marshalled at major Pride celebrations around the country, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Her underground dance singles have played in clubs around the world and are top sellers in their genres on iTunes and Amazon. Her weekly Pop, Jazz and Standards cabaret show, “Calpernia Presents: Goddess“, is consistently sold out and standing room only. On MTV’s LOGO network, she reigned as the first out transsexual in the world to star in her own dating reality show, and Calpernia’s exhaustive IMDB credits include film and television work with Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman and more. A confident and hilarious event hostess, she takes effortless command of a room and leaves the audience laughing for standup comedy shows, charity auctions, awards ceremonies, fundraiser bingo, drag, burlesque and live music shows. Her activism work has included fundraising for all major GLBT causes, with specific focus in the past on work with GLAAD, SLDN, The Task Force (NGLTF), PFLAG and women’s charities such as VDay and Peace Over Violence (LACAAW). Calpernia is also an accomplished violinist and has experience moving in the highest circles of Hollywood’s business and corporate elite as an upscale hostess and entertainer.

Click here to watch and chat live http://www.transitionradio.net/chat_and_television.html

Visit her website http://www.calpernia.com/

Friday, December 13, 2013

Thursday nite December 19th on Transition Radio TV live at 8 PM EST with Lucas Silveira of The Cliks

The Cliks were founded in Toronto, Canada in 2004 by charismatic front man vocalist guitarist and songwriter Lucas Silveira.
They have toured extensively alongside acts such as Cyndi Lauper, The Cult, the New York Dolls, Debbie Harry and the Dresden dolls, and appeared on National Television shows late night with Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel live And MTV’s TRL.
The Cliks first two major-label releases, Snake House (2006-Warner Music Canada/Tommy Boy) and Dirty King (2009-Warner Music Canada/Tommy Boy) brought the band international recognition.
The new album Black Tie Elevator released May 2013 through Bandwidth/ Universal Music Canada is a step in a new direction. The music shows growth in Silveira’s songwriting and stylistically veers to what he calls “soul rock”.
The Cliks are currently touring and promoting Black Tie Elevator.
As the front-man and songwriter of The Cliks, Lucas Silveira has found that in the current climate of the music industry, being a successful indie artist means you have to be involved in being more than just the music.
Lucas has concentrated on honing all of skills and is an accomplished multi-media artist and performer.
When he’s not creating music, Lucas can be found drawing and painting, acting, writing and doing public speaking events at Colleges & Universities on his personal story and experiences.
He has successfully sold many pieces of art on line and will be concentrating on creating a full body of work for an art exhibition. The cover for the new The Cliks record Black Tie Elevator, is a self portrait painted by Lucas.
As an actor, Lucas played the role of “Jimmy” in Phi-Films (Montreal, QC) award winning short film titled “HOPE” by award wining director Pedro Pires. He is currently preparing to play the male lead role in the short film “CANDY” by Cassandra Cronenberg, daughter of infamous director David Cronenberg.
As a public speaker, Lucas’ inspiring/motivational personal narrative and down to earth personality, make him a winning choice for any event.
As though all of this wasn’t enough, Lucas has also started writing a book of memoirs. When asked of it’s release date, Silveira replies “I still have a lot of living to do. I don’t want to leave anything out.”
Outside of The Cliks, Lucas has released a solo CD  of covers and two originals titled Mockingbird (2011) and also plays bass with Hill And The Sky Heroes (www.hillandtheskyheroes.com).
Lucas currently lives in Toronto, Canada with his beautiful fiancĂ©e Skye Chevolleau who you can hear singing on the track 4 Letter Words that can be found on The Cliks March of 2013  release Black Tie Elevator.

Watch live and chat http://www.transitionradio.net/chat_and_television.html

click here to visit their website http://www.thecliks.com/

Tuesday December 17th live on Transition Radio at 630 PM EST with K’Anne Meinel an LGBT Author with Many Best Sellers

K’Anne Meinel (pronounced Kay Ann My Null), an American author was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and emerged full formed behind a keyboard, sometime in the 1960's, where she still resides today after a seventeen year detour through Southern and Central California on the beach.

Her first novel, SHIPS written in 2003 was to be the beginnings of many masterpieces.  Bringing her characters to life in the pages of her books she discovered a real talent for writing romances.  She is the best-selling author of the novel REPRESENTED and her other works include LONG DISTANCE ROMANCE, GERMANIC, and TIMED ROMANCE.   

Her novella Sapphic Surfer has been a best-seller and others such as Sapphic Cowboi, Sapphic Cowgirl, and Ghostly Love have received acclaim.  In 2011 she started her infamous MALICE series including an anti-hero/killer by the name of Alice.  Writing well-researched romance novels with humor and a bit of spice she plans to travel some more to fuel her ever hungry keyboard with many more places she hasn’t already been in her books! 

To listen to the show live click this link . http://www.blogtalkradio.com/transitionradio/2013/12/17/kanne-meinel-an-amazing-american-author-with-many-best-sellers-under-her-belt

visit here website http://kannemeinel.com/