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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Upcoming TV Shows

check our TV Show line up Sunday January 20th Rajée Rajindra Narinesingh is the author of Beyond Face Value, she shares her story to include the botched job they did at back alley facial injections at the hands of Oneal Morris aka “Duchess”. Rajée’s memoir Beyond Face Value, takes you on a journey through a life lived with every negative influence possible
Sunday January 27th Jason Robert Ballard the founder and CEO of a TransMasculine company called The Self Made Men. In the future, Jason and The Self Made Men push to become a house hold name for the Transgender community. He's been quoted saying "If guys can ignore tampon commercials, and women can delete emails about natural male enhancement. Cisgender people can handle Transgender culture in the mainstream media. And they will." (Right before designing a billboard for TSMM for downtown Rochester, NY)
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