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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Feb 17th Live on Transition Radio TV Jenna Fox

Jenna Fox who  is a philanthropist/ humanitarian. A highly sought after New England DJ and model (that
breaks the GENDER and Age NORM).  Born in a small New England Town, Windsor, ME.  Knowing things were different at 8 and wanting to transition at 13 and be a girl as early as she can remember. Jenna  went through many trials and tribulation and finally began transitioning full-time, first only at home and on the weekends at the local club, and began doing drag-shows quickly picking up a fan-based got back into her love for music and put out the SINGLE in 2010, Pocket full of Webbs, She's now known Internationally the woman with many talents Jenna is the author of The Curious Case of The Jenna Fox, she
is an actress, COVER-GIRL, musician/ recording artist, Host(ess) of her own series, Director, Producer of her own Recording & Production company. She will be sharing some of her trials and tribulation and stories about her life.

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