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Monday, March 4, 2013

Friday March 8th Sabrina Samone from Transmuseplanet.com

Sabrina Samone was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and currently lives in the Charleston South Carolina area. She currently works as a nurse and continuing her education Trident Technical College. At the start of her transitioning, she performed throughout the Carolinas and Georgia as a gender illusionist. She is also an actress appearing in her first stage production at age six and continue to do twenty-two regional and university plays before landing a role as an extra in a student film The Beat which lead to another role in Casper Andrea’s film ‘Between Love and Goodbye’ where she played Gina with several scenes and line in the film. She is currently in talks with a Hollywood producer for a chance at a made for cable TV series with several strong transgender characters, as well with a local Charleston, SC producer which she is co-producing a documentary about the lives and struggles of several transgender people. Recently she launched the collaborative blog site Transmuseplanet.com a personal and collaborative blog site of personal information, news, entertainment and empowerment for the Trans community. Her blog has recently gained attention in part to an expose. She reports on a former transgender roommate whose image and testimony is being used as an example for the ex-gay/ex-trans organization PFOX. Her blog is a prelude to her first novel “The Premiere”, which is currently in consideration for publication. She is also in real estate with two ocean front vacation rentals on LGBT friendly Hilton Head Island SC Sabrina believes that while it is important that they idea of transitioning to be just another female or male is important, we should never hide but through our visibility we are making the lives of the next person to transition just little easier Listen live Friday March 8th at 630 PM EST .
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