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Monday, March 11, 2013

Jessica Who on Transition Radio TV Pre recorded show

This is pre recorded show tailored especially for Jessica Who, Jessica was unable to do a live show due to her work schedule, but we didn't want to miss the opportunity to interview this amazingly funny and beautiful lady. So stay tune on Sunday March 17th when the show will be up on notstr8.tv for your viewing pleasure.

Jessica “Who?” De Leon  is the creator of the blog Jessica Who?, I am a married person who identifies as somewhere in between male and female and expresses this through art, comedy, fashion, and writing.

My wonderful wife loves and accepts me fully, and also contributes to Jessica Who?. In addition, my mother and several of my family members and friends are very caring and supportive of my gender identity and expression.

On March 17th on our regular live schedule program, you will be able to watch Jessica Who being interviewed by Jess and I. Please don't miss this incredibly funny and educational interview.

I studied Computer Engineering in college and enjoy video games, sports, comic books, and many types of music. I am a comedian, filmmaker, podcaster, public speaker, and author.



  1. then suddenly Jessica disappeared from facebook, her blog, youtube.

    1. I don't know what happened to her, this is the second inquiry I receive. I am going to send her an email and see if she responds. I am thinking either she got tired of the abuse from our own community, or there was a trademark battle between her and a DJ who is also called Jessica Who.

  2. Did you ever hear back? I think there are lot of people who just watched and followed her silently and it's really sad to see Jessica disappear :(