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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sunday May 19th Emma live on Transition Radio TV show 4 PM EST

Today on our show we have Emma who understood she was different when she was around 5 years old.  She says “This is the first time I remember I dressed with my sisters dress and this is also the first time I remember my family took it very bad. It was my first time I understood I wasn’t “normal” and what I was doing it wasn’t “normal” from the point of view of my family.
Unfortunately, I had a very difficult childhood with a lot of violence from my family that made me hide more and more who I really was. At 15 years old, I started to dress with woman cloths (and hiding it of course), because it was giving me the feeling of freedom. It made me realize that I was so different from all my friends. I was still living in a transphobic and homophobic country and I was very scared to talk to anyone about it. I was scared about my family’s reaction (very scared), about my friends reaction and so on. It was so difficult to talk about it that I really thought it will die with me. I was given the image that such a person is a sick and deviant person, so even if I knew I wasn’t that, I had to keep it for me, because I knew that most of the persons in my life at that moment couldn’t understand. I was a very shy person and had a hard time “fitting” in the “normal” rules of the society, but when I was around 18 years old, I started to adapt. I stopped cross-dressing and eventually I started to think that I have to fight to accept my body. I was disgusted by my own body and was hating myself since I was at least 10 years old. Emma found true love, is married and has a child.

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