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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gender Dances a film by Nancy Evelyn Gold live on Transition Radio TV June 20th at 9 PM EST

Being born in 1964 Nancy considers herself born into the sixties but not a child of them. Nancy’s mother, like many women of her time, was given the synthetic estrogen DES. This lead to many of Nancy’s internal drives to be naturally feminine leaving the question of her being intersexed vs. transsexual always unanswered. Nancy would sit to pee and had soft features always. In 1975, at age 11 Nancy would see an episode of Medical Center where TV’s Mr. Brady came to the medical center seeking a male to female sex change. The extremely well written episode answered her questions and from that point forward it was clear to her that surgery was the only route to happiness. Life, however, is rarely that easy. Fearing losing her family or being committed to a mental institution Nancy kept her desires a secret and tried to live as a male including getting married in 1989. In late 1992 the top began to blow off and it was during the 1993 March on Washington that Nancy made the decision to follow her heart. It was at this time that her parents threatened to have her committed and they settled on no contact, which persists to this day some 20 years later. On August 8th, 1993, among a group of friends at sundown Nancy introduced herself to the world and never looked back. On the 25thof the same month the following year she was fortunate to have successful sex reassignment surgery. In Junior High School Nancy was introduced to making Live Television and she’d later take some random film courses. In February of 2013 Nancy began pre-production of “Gender Dances”, a film about fluid gender expression. The film is currently in production and promises to deliver a final product with a ‘raw’ edge that looks at transmen, transwomen, and allies in an unflinching manner. The film promises to openly look at sex, love, life trails. There will be no ‘off-limits’ subjects.


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