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Friday, June 7, 2013

Transition Radio TV Show Transgender in History and Beyond

Check us live Thursday 9 PM EST June 13th where we will talk about the history of trangenderism, the advances we have made, things we need to look for in our future, different cultures and how they view things, a Trans cartoon and amazing transitions. Be part of the show by chatting live with us http://www.transitionradio.net/chat_and_television.html , or calling in at 412-567 6788  

Transition Radio TV is a show for Trans folks by Trans folks here to let your voice be heard

watch us live on our website and chat http://www.transitionradio.net/chat_and_television.html

Friday June 14th we have Tim Westmoreland author of Un-Tucked catch us live at 630 PM EST http://www.blogtalkradio.com/transitionradio/2013/06/14/tim-westmoreland-un-tucked-series

Tim Westmoreland grew up in a small town in Alabama, where change is un-acceptable. He says People in the South may say they accept change with open arms, but change is only acceptable if it happens to be going backwards.
. I find myself today surrounded by many cultures, and styles of living. I decided to embrace everyone with open arms. People (regardless of acceptance) need to feel needed. This is hardwired into our minds. I set out on a quest to find my place in this world. I have traveled, lived and associated with folks who would be considered the outsiders to normal human life. I myself am straight...But why do we have to wear labels? I don’t care if you’re black, white, gay or straight. As long as you know who you are and I know who I am, then are we not just 2 people living our lives? This is the philosophy I have lived by, loved by, and practiced. I don’t understand a lot of times why we have to wear labels. Take for example, if a man says he is a woman trapped in a man's body, he is considered transgendered, Correct? If that same man associates with gay men, he is considered gay. But if that man gets to change his life and go through the hours, weeks of pain to change his sex from male to female so she can now be with a man, would she not then be considered straight...This is the paradox we live in within our cultural society that concentrates on labels. When I decided to undertake the "Un-Tucked" Series, it was a decision that my wife and I as a straight married couple decided to do so that the barriers of labels could be lifted. The series shows people just like you and me who have made their mind up and took on unfathomable strides to drop the label they were born with and pursue what makes them feel alive and like themselves. It's said your life is a book....What are your pages? We must drop the labels so that other folks can become "Un-Tucked".


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