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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Uncensored Truth 1020 live Tuesday July 16th at 630 PM EST with Jae and Legend

Jae was born and raised in Georgia and is a HUGE college football fan. Growing up in GA was bittersweet.  Georgia has a VERY large LGBT community but we are also in the Bible belt which makes living as one harmonious community very difficult.  With extremely conservative grandparents, she only "came out" as a bisexual female after her mom did.  Her parents were married for 20 years in a monogamous relationship before her mother decided to come out.  This gave Jae the courage to do so as well. Jae followed Legend from a previous page that he was an admin on, due to fans being condemned for their opinions and thus, Uncensored Truth 1020 was born.  Uncensored Truth 1020 is an extremely liberal page with a very diverse group of admins from all walks of life across the continent.  We respect opinions of everyone and really want to spread the message of equality and acceptance in everyday life.

Legend is a married father of four from Illinois and currently residing Nebraska.  He spent a large chunk of his life in the military which gave him an "uncensored" view of the discrimination that minorities face. He began Uncensored Truth 1020 for one main reason, acceptance, and wants everyone know this, "Here at Uncensored Truth 1020, we strive to be fair to everybody. One of my major pet peeves as the page owner is when people try and bully others because they have different opinions or because they are different."   Outside of Legend and Jae, Uncensored Truth 1020 is ran by Rufio, BB aka Backwods Bitch, Julz, four20, Ber, DTH, and Twisted Angel. We all come from different parts of the continent (four20 is from our neighboring country to the North) and different backgrounds so we are sure to keep you on your toes.

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