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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thursday July 25th Live on Transition Radio TV Autumn Weisz at 9 PM EST

Today on transition radio tv my guest is Autumn weisz she was born in east Texas back in 1946, the offspring of a local member of a prestigious family and a Hungarian √©migr√©. She quotes  My mother, a Christian, was a musician and my father was Jewish. They met in postwar Chicago where my mother was a professional entertainer.
Growing up back in the ‘50’s there were no transgender role models. There was barely television and certainly no internet. I knew from day one that I was ‘different’ than everybody else but didn’t know why. And what 6-year old kid is going to ‘compare notes’ with their friends wondering if they felt the same way inside? I didn’t think I was crazy, but for God’s sake, I was 6! How did I know how other people felt, ya know? Looking back on the situation, though, at this point, I recall that most of my friends were girls even though I was extremely athletic and played in several team sports, excelling at little league baseball and football. We had a segregated elementary school of sorts with boys on one side and girls on the other. Invariably, yours truly would get in trouble periodically after being found playing games with the little girls on their side of the school. It was never deemed to be anything ‘serious’, but it did happened quite a lot. I just felt more comfortable and ‘closer’ to them than with the boys with whom I played sports.
I kept this pretty much under control while in school. I never really crossdressed and didn’t exactly date. I had a couple of female friends that I would be seen in public with, but they were seldom, if ever, ‘dates’. I was a three-sport letterman, and practically ANY girl in my high school would’ve wanted to go out with me. More than a few have confessed that to me at some of our class reunions.
As the years progressed, though, I became increasingly angry toward my situation and I utterly despised my body. During my junior year in high school, I decided to go ahead and immerse myself fully into weight training just to get my mind off things as they were. And when football season began the very next year, I was ready. I had bulked myself into a 238-pound middle linebacker, who, when the season was all said and done, ended up as a third-team All-State selection. Andin Texas, that speaks volumes. I could’ve gone practically anywhere in the country to play football. I chose instead to put an end to all the crap I endured for so long.

The day I graduated and received my high school diploma, I went right down to my local United States Army recruiter and signed up for Viet Nam. I had all intentions of stopping a couple of bullets and coming home in a box. I just couldn’t deal with all the confusion and frustration any longer…

I’m stopping this narrative at this point. Obviously, God has an incredibly strange sense of humor, and I wasn’t killed in southeast Asia.

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