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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tuesday Sept 3rd at 630 PM EST. Live with Katie Leone

Katie Leone (pronounced Lee-own, like a good Italian) was born Keith Leonard and raised in New York City by her loving aunt Rosalie Miliano. She attended high school in Dunedin Florida where she was heavily active in the church youth group and competed in wrestling. She graduated college with a degree in Early childhood growth and learning and was a two time national champion as a heavyweight wrestler. She is also undefeated in Greco-Roman wrestling winning both the Coca-Cola international (Guatemala) and the Pat Shaw invitational (Honduras).

Katie has worked in many professions including a stock broker, a teacher, a preacher and was on the board of directors of a local charity in Florida that helped inmates transition from prison to mainstream society.
The author of 12 books, Katie’s work is twofold. The first is to entertain, but the other is to educate. Deviating from common themes in transgender literature, Katie focuses on the psycho-social aspects of transgendered characters while telling true to life stories. There are common themes of acceptance running through her books, but she really puts some characters through the ringer as they attempt to discover who they are.

The most popular novels are the God Bless the Child series, which though it has a controversial ending is highly praised and Wrestling Against Myself which shows how Christianity and transsexuality need not be opposed to each other.
Her one academic work “The Transsexual and the Cross” debunks the myth espoused by the conservative Christian right that transsexuality is a sin by taking a look at the Bible verses often quoted and putting them in their correct interpretation and historical content.

She is currently working on her 13th novel “the unreachable” and has plans for a Christian guide to transitioning. She is also heavily active on several of the transgender fiction websites, most notably Big Closet.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Joe Ippolito live on Transition Radio TV show Thursday 8/29/13 at 9 PM EST

Joe Ippolito transitioned his gender from female-to-male 12-years ago. Since this time, he has been working at the forefront the transgender movement. Joe is most notably known for his 11-years of dedicated service work with the Philadelphia Trans-health Conference.
Joe is a Doctor of Psychology, a Community Faculty Member, and a hospital clinician. Joe will be teaching a course entitled, "LGBT issues in Psychology," in the fall of 2013. Joe is also working on a number of community related multi-media projects, something that has become a favorite pass time and hobbie of his. He is directing and producing his first multi-media project and film entitled, "Growing Old Gracefully: The Transgender Experience," which explores issues related to growing older as a transgender person. He is also the Founder & Chair of, "Gender Reel," a coast-to-coast film and performance art festival dedicated to enhancing the visibility of gender non-conforming and transgender people. Lastly, he is embarking on creating Gender Reel's for profit sister company, "Two Queers and A Camera," which is set to debut in October 2013.
Academically, Joe has consults and mentors students. He is coming out with his first co-authored chapter on aging in 2014, with the release of the book "Trans Bodies, Trans Selves." Joe is also the recipient of three awards commemorating his work with the community; 2002 HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment Award, 2011 Leeway Art & Change Grant, and 2012 Leeway Transformation Grant.

When not working, which is rare, Joe enjoys spending time with his pets, working out, watching all kinds of films, having coffee and dinner with friends, traveling, walking in nature, exploring vintage clothing stores and looking at art

click here to watch live http://www.transitionradio.net/chat_and_television.html

Friday, August 16, 2013

Thursday night August 22nd 9PM EST Live on Transition Radio TV Show Devin Hellfire making a come back exclusively here on my Show

well tonite on the show I have Devin Hellfire a multitalented transman who is a writer, artist and performer he quotes:
While my Mother was pregnant with me, my Parents wanted a boy so badly that they only had a boy's name picked out. When I was born & the Doctor announced that I,"was a girl" they were shocked & surprised. Of course their instincts were right in the first place. I was supposed to be Donny Junior but they named me Denise. I've always hated that name.

I remember my Mom asking me when I was 5 why I played with boy toys. "Because I’m a boy." I told her. She laughed & said, "You’re not a boy! Boys have penises & you don’t have a penis!” I looked down even though I was clothed, contemplated the missing penis, & said, "It just hasn’t grown yet.” Thirty-nine years later? I’m growing my penis finally & I’m proud of every millimeter!

Even though I grew up in the ghettos of Connecticut with a single Mom on welfare. I spent my childhood drawing, painting & getting art scholarships. I attended Wesleyan University's Art Program C.C.Y when I was 15 and 16. Studied at the Educational Center for Arts in New Haven, CT from ages 16 - 18.

In 1987 I came to Baltimore to attend Maryland Institute College of Art & spent the next 20 years as a free-lance artist, poet & performer. I was first published in 1991 in Cry of the Invisible, which received International acclaim. A collection of my poetry & illustrations were published by Shattered Wig Press in 1994. In 1998 I was nominated for an Artscape Literary Award. During all this I toured the drag king circuit as the glam- rocker Devin Hellfire.

At the height of my career I suffered several serious injuries. Excruciating, debilitating pain not only stopped Me from doing what I loved but I was having difficulty just doing every day tasks. My body was falling apart & I needed several surgeries. I could barely walk never mind perform & I was losing the use of my right arm from the spinal injury. I could no longer paint or draw and Doctors were telling Me that I would never be able to use my arm again. During all of this I was coming to terms with the fact that I was Transgender.

That realization is partly what saved my life. I fought hard for my life as Devin Cherubini so that I would have a chance to live it! Now, after two years in transition & a successful spinal surgery that gave me the use of my right arm back; Devin Cherubini is making Art again & re-emerging into the light. It hasn't been easy. My family & many friends rejected & abandoned me. Some even abused Me. Watching a loved one in severe chronic pain & transitioning at the same time is a challenge many weren't able to cope with. But a couple of old friends have stuck by me & while in Connecticut for a year, I made wonderful & supportive transgender friends through the Connecticut Outreach Society. Now back in Baltimore, I have founded the Trans* Baltimore Outreach Society in order to pass on to Trans* people in Baltimore the kind of support I found in Connecticut. So that they too can be happy & proud to be who they are in the World.

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Live Tuesday on Transition radio August 20th at 630 PM EST Jenny Taylor a Happy Soul leading her life by example to help free others

Jenny is a transwoman who knew from a very young age that she was actually a woman, but because of her circumstances was forced to hide that part of her identity until she was well into adulthood have always been a girl. I knew it and my brain knew it. All my friends were girls until the 4th grade. My family and my teachers were not happy seeing me as a girl because all they saw was my outside-appearance. No one inquired about my inner-identity. My family and teachers told me to stay away from girls one Monday morning before school. I was shocked. The teachers told me I was no longer allowed to do anything with girls. My mom sat me down and said that I would no longer be having birthday parties with girls. I was going to "find new boys in my neighborhood to be my friends for parties and play time". Word got around that I was having identity problems. The boys I never played with before somehow all knew that I thought I was a girl. I guess their parents gossiped about me and my “issues” like a brush fire spreads across an open field, consuming my dignity in a puff of smoke. That public humiliation marked the beginning of eight years of beatings, teasing and being tortured by kids every day. I was called all kinds of degrading names and I was labeled as ‘confused’ from that day forward. Then it came to me, a message from the clouds in my mind. “Be real, be genuine, be true to yourself and be happy.” It was clear as a voice in my ears and it changed my life forever.1. From that day forward I chose to be the real me. I stopped pretending. Over the next few months I began to unbury my hidden reality and remove the masculine disguise. Dave would have to go. I slowly became Jenny more and more with each passing day.
 To listen live click http://www.blogtalkradio.com/transitionradio/2013/08/20/jenny-taylor-making-a-difference-by-being-herself


Friday, August 9, 2013

Thursday 8/15 , an amazingly funny woman by the name of Morgan Funny, live on Transition Radio TV at 9 PM EST

 Morgan always knew she was born in the wrong body. She says “ I can remember asking my mother at a very early age maybe four " when do I get to carry the purse? Being a child of the fifties that little bit of honesty got me a smack in the head. From that point on I was convinced that truth about me was wrong and was something I would have to hide to get by in the world. Ten years ago i was working as an Iron Worker in Jersey City. Ten minutes before lunch on a Friday in April I went to move a sheet of plywood out of the way. My first step was good, my second one was in a two story hole. I fell from the twenty-eighth floor to the twenty-sixth floor, 24 feet! Breaking 29 bones. I was in and out of consciousness. The first time I came to I looked out in front of me and saw the whole working gang standing in a half circle in front of me,  The only thing I could think of was Joey do you think this was the best day for jungle red on your toes? I didn't think I've just fallen two stories and I am probably going to die. No, I thought all these iron workers I've been working with for ten years are going to see my legs are shaved and my toes are painted.The next time I came to I was in intensive care where I realized life is too precarious to live a lie. I was going to do this! I was going to come out as a woman. So here I am, twelve years later, living my life as my true self, preforming as a stand up comedian, telling my truth to audiences full of people who aren't prepared for it.  Suddenly, you have years of major reconstructive surgeries ahead of you, not to mention the pain and trauma of your near-death experience. Your life has been changed forever.  I’m going to realize my lifetime dream and become a woman.” After spending 2 years recovering from the fall, Morgan started on the road to sexual reassignment - and had them install a $23,000 vagina.
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Tuesday August 13th Andrew Coon a pretty cool guy who is Trans live at 630 PM EST

Andrew is a native of Texas, 28 years old, and is currently living in Baltimore County, Maryland, working as a Maryland State employee for higher education institutions. He is a sophomore who is working towards earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, specializing in trauma and mental health. He hopes to not only have certification as a trauma nurse, but to also work as a clinical instructor, teaching other nurses in a hospital environment. He has experience working in aspects of pre-hospital and home health care. Andrew is a current member of the American Psychological Association as well as various honor societies which include Phi Theta Kappa and Delta Alpha Pi. He is a STEM scholar and a member of the Nursing Student Association’s Maryland chapter. In his spare time, he enjoys music and plays his guitars and keyboard quite frequently. He also is building an impressive record collection which includes albums from his favorite bands like Heart, Led Zeppelin, and Def Leppard. To listne live click link below


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Thursday 8/8/13 Live on Transition Radio TV show Georgie Jessup at 9 PM EST

Every once in a while a performer comes along whose very presence makes the establishment nervous! Every once in a while a singer will ask us to define what freedom really is. At some point there will come a songwriter who bridges the gap between tradition and expanding our minds; an artist who will take us on a journey to places found at the edge of night and bring us to the dawning between the light and the darkness and finally to the balance within us all. Georgie is that balance!"

 "Georgie sings from the heart, like a rare flower in a wilderness. She speaks to us about the deepest issues. Issues that all of us should care about, but so many of us pretend don't affect us. She reminds us that we are all related in our human condition and struggle. And Georgie reinforces that we are all trapped by gender and physical being, and that the brightest life and light we have is our soul."

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Tuesday 8/6/13 Live on Transition Radio at 630 PM EST Phillip Jimbob: A Transman with a tragic story with a happy ending

Tonite on the show I have Phillip Jimbob a 42 year old trans-man whose story is heart breaking yet inspirational to say the least. This is my story Philip quotes of how a botched suicide attempt changed my life forever… 12 years ago my life hit rock bottom and yeah I let what life had to throw at me out weigh my soul, got bummed out and made a choice that thank God did not end my life. I set myself on fire. I was sure that this attempt would put an end to all my pain that I had carried for so many years. But as I felt the flames devour my flesh. I realized it was just flesh and there was so much more to my being than just my flesh. I had a good heart and soul. I was a good caring person. I was so much more than I let other people make me believe I was. I wasn’t a freak I was human and I deserved to have a chance to live just like everyone else. Something inside of me woke me up and made me realize being a man had nothing to do with what other people said or believed. It was about how I felt about myself and at that moment, I didn’t want to die anymore. But it was too late, the fire might have been out but the damage was done. My body was crippled. That one choice that one moment changed my life forever. So now I try to make people understand that suicide is not always the answer they think it’s going to be. After all life had better plans for me summed up in one single word “daddy” as I am a proud father of twins today.

 Listen live by clicking this link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/transitionradio/2013/08/06/phillip-jimbob-a-suicide-survivor-and-musician