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Friday, August 16, 2013

Live Tuesday on Transition radio August 20th at 630 PM EST Jenny Taylor a Happy Soul leading her life by example to help free others

Jenny is a transwoman who knew from a very young age that she was actually a woman, but because of her circumstances was forced to hide that part of her identity until she was well into adulthood have always been a girl. I knew it and my brain knew it. All my friends were girls until the 4th grade. My family and my teachers were not happy seeing me as a girl because all they saw was my outside-appearance. No one inquired about my inner-identity. My family and teachers told me to stay away from girls one Monday morning before school. I was shocked. The teachers told me I was no longer allowed to do anything with girls. My mom sat me down and said that I would no longer be having birthday parties with girls. I was going to "find new boys in my neighborhood to be my friends for parties and play time". Word got around that I was having identity problems. The boys I never played with before somehow all knew that I thought I was a girl. I guess their parents gossiped about me and my “issues” like a brush fire spreads across an open field, consuming my dignity in a puff of smoke. That public humiliation marked the beginning of eight years of beatings, teasing and being tortured by kids every day. I was called all kinds of degrading names and I was labeled as ‘confused’ from that day forward. Then it came to me, a message from the clouds in my mind. “Be real, be genuine, be true to yourself and be happy.” It was clear as a voice in my ears and it changed my life forever.1. From that day forward I chose to be the real me. I stopped pretending. Over the next few months I began to unbury my hidden reality and remove the masculine disguise. Dave would have to go. I slowly became Jenny more and more with each passing day.
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