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Friday, August 9, 2013

Thursday 8/15 , an amazingly funny woman by the name of Morgan Funny, live on Transition Radio TV at 9 PM EST

 Morgan always knew she was born in the wrong body. She says “ I can remember asking my mother at a very early age maybe four " when do I get to carry the purse? Being a child of the fifties that little bit of honesty got me a smack in the head. From that point on I was convinced that truth about me was wrong and was something I would have to hide to get by in the world. Ten years ago i was working as an Iron Worker in Jersey City. Ten minutes before lunch on a Friday in April I went to move a sheet of plywood out of the way. My first step was good, my second one was in a two story hole. I fell from the twenty-eighth floor to the twenty-sixth floor, 24 feet! Breaking 29 bones. I was in and out of consciousness. The first time I came to I looked out in front of me and saw the whole working gang standing in a half circle in front of me,  The only thing I could think of was Joey do you think this was the best day for jungle red on your toes? I didn't think I've just fallen two stories and I am probably going to die. No, I thought all these iron workers I've been working with for ten years are going to see my legs are shaved and my toes are painted.The next time I came to I was in intensive care where I realized life is too precarious to live a lie. I was going to do this! I was going to come out as a woman. So here I am, twelve years later, living my life as my true self, preforming as a stand up comedian, telling my truth to audiences full of people who aren't prepared for it.  Suddenly, you have years of major reconstructive surgeries ahead of you, not to mention the pain and trauma of your near-death experience. Your life has been changed forever.  I’m going to realize my lifetime dream and become a woman.” After spending 2 years recovering from the fall, Morgan started on the road to sexual reassignment - and had them install a $23,000 vagina.
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