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Friday, August 2, 2013

Tuesday 8/6/13 Live on Transition Radio at 630 PM EST Phillip Jimbob: A Transman with a tragic story with a happy ending

Tonite on the show I have Phillip Jimbob a 42 year old trans-man whose story is heart breaking yet inspirational to say the least. This is my story Philip quotes of how a botched suicide attempt changed my life forever… 12 years ago my life hit rock bottom and yeah I let what life had to throw at me out weigh my soul, got bummed out and made a choice that thank God did not end my life. I set myself on fire. I was sure that this attempt would put an end to all my pain that I had carried for so many years. But as I felt the flames devour my flesh. I realized it was just flesh and there was so much more to my being than just my flesh. I had a good heart and soul. I was a good caring person. I was so much more than I let other people make me believe I was. I wasn’t a freak I was human and I deserved to have a chance to live just like everyone else. Something inside of me woke me up and made me realize being a man had nothing to do with what other people said or believed. It was about how I felt about myself and at that moment, I didn’t want to die anymore. But it was too late, the fire might have been out but the damage was done. My body was crippled. That one choice that one moment changed my life forever. So now I try to make people understand that suicide is not always the answer they think it’s going to be. After all life had better plans for me summed up in one single word “daddy” as I am a proud father of twins today.

 Listen live by clicking this link

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