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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tuesday Sept 3rd at 630 PM EST. Live with Katie Leone

Katie Leone (pronounced Lee-own, like a good Italian) was born Keith Leonard and raised in New York City by her loving aunt Rosalie Miliano. She attended high school in Dunedin Florida where she was heavily active in the church youth group and competed in wrestling. She graduated college with a degree in Early childhood growth and learning and was a two time national champion as a heavyweight wrestler. She is also undefeated in Greco-Roman wrestling winning both the Coca-Cola international (Guatemala) and the Pat Shaw invitational (Honduras).

Katie has worked in many professions including a stock broker, a teacher, a preacher and was on the board of directors of a local charity in Florida that helped inmates transition from prison to mainstream society.
The author of 12 books, Katie’s work is twofold. The first is to entertain, but the other is to educate. Deviating from common themes in transgender literature, Katie focuses on the psycho-social aspects of transgendered characters while telling true to life stories. There are common themes of acceptance running through her books, but she really puts some characters through the ringer as they attempt to discover who they are.

The most popular novels are the God Bless the Child series, which though it has a controversial ending is highly praised and Wrestling Against Myself which shows how Christianity and transsexuality need not be opposed to each other.
Her one academic work “The Transsexual and the Cross” debunks the myth espoused by the conservative Christian right that transsexuality is a sin by taking a look at the Bible verses often quoted and putting them in their correct interpretation and historical content.

She is currently working on her 13th novel “the unreachable” and has plans for a Christian guide to transitioning. She is also heavily active on several of the transgender fiction websites, most notably Big Closet.

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