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Friday, September 20, 2013

Jack Ori Life Coach extraordinaire Live on Transition Radio TV show Thursday 9/26/13 at 8 PM EST


Female-to-male transgendered people — known as transmen — have more autistic traits than typical heterosexual men and women, and more than those who wish to switch gender in the opposite direction, according to new research.
Scientists led by Simon Baron-Cohen, a professor of developmental psychopathology, at Cambridge University looked for autistic traits, such as problems parsing social signals and difficulty in dealing with changes in routine, in 61 transmen, 198 transwomen, 98 typical females, 76 typical males and 125 people with actual diagnoses of Asperger’s syndrome, a mild form of autism.

Baron-Cohen has long theorized that people with autism may have what he calls an “extreme male” brain — dominated by a style of thinking called “systemizing,” which focuses on predictable patterns like those found in mathematics or mechanical devices. He contrasts this with a cognitive style called “empathizing,” which allows for better understanding of the minds and emotions of others. Todays guest will be sharing with us much information regarding this topic as well as sharing his amazing life and quest.

Jack Ori is a gifted member of the transgender community who took the long way to fulfilling his early promise.  After his childhood Jack became interested in writing leading him to a Masters degree in creative prose in his early 20s, he worked menial jobs while trying to figure himself out. It wasn't until he began exploring his male gender identity in his early 30s that he began embracing his passion for helping others as well as his writing abilities. Today, Coach Jack is a self-esteem coach who helps members of the transgender community embrace their greatness and exceed their own expectations for career, relationships and life in general. He is the author of Rewrite Your Life Script and Jump Start Your Freelance Writing Career as well as the leader of the Embrace Your Gifts program.

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