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Friday, September 27, 2013

Live on Transition Radio Tuesday October 1st at 630 PM EST with Susan Collins

Susan Collins is a woman of trans experience, and cherishes the magic of who she is. -She has worked as a therapist for 30 years, the past 9 years specializing in gender identity issues. But before we bring her on we want to thank our sponsor the they have everything you can possibly need for your transgender and cross dressing needs visit their website and tell them mark and jess from transition radio sent you. -Susan has served as TLBG Specialist at Mazzoni Center, coordinating the Trans Health Program from 2005 - 2008. -She sat on the Mayor's committee on Sexual Abuse and Assault 2006 - 2008 – helping create a training film for ER doctors dealing with trans patients who have been assaulted/raped. -She sat on the Mayor's committee on homeless shelters and gender minorities in 2004– helping create inclusive rules for shelters. -She served on Executive Planning Committee for the Philadelphia Trans Health conference for 5 years. -She has done extensive lecturing on transgender issues to both lay and professional audiences, locally and nationally. -She has presented workshops on Wellness and gender issues at TG conferences across the country. -She produced the Transcommunity News Show for 2008 - 2011, sharing news of our world wide trans community. - She has worked as Counselor at Morris Home, a recovery treatment program for those who are transgender/GV, the first program of this kind in the country. - She currently is developing Celebration Home , an intentional community dedicated to the concept of taking a pro-active stance toward the issue of homelessness in the trans community. And she loves every one of you.

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