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Friday, September 6, 2013

Thursday liver at 9 PM EST with Madame Amarita the sex teacher of our Era

This is a show you don't want to miss. Come join us live, ask Madame Amarita any questions or just listen to her remarkable advise. Education, informational and erotic.

 After a total hysterectomy in 2007, I thought my body was incapable of orgasm, much
less being able to self-lubricate, or even feel feminine. Then I learned about the g-spot, 
female ejaculation and the recent discoveries of the female anatomy in modern science. So 
I gave myself another chance...and after watching many videos online and reading about 
women in relationships and also on their own, discovering for themselves the mystery of
 Amrita or "Nectar of The Goddess", I too discovered how to give myself a gspot orgasm for
the first time. Suddenly I had this epiphany, and ever since then have wanted to teach the
 world how to do it for themselves and their partners. i hope to follow in the footsteps 
of such pioneering sex educators as laura berman/sue johansen/dr ruth etc...only a bit more

There is such a need for sex education in this day it isn't even funny. there are
 licensed physicians who still deny the existence of a g-spot in a woman, let alone the 
very real natural occurrence of female ejaculation. there are many doctors who still think 
the clitoris is limited to the outer or hooded portion visible and palpable upon examination 
...the clitoris is way bigger than that and actually stretches down on either side of the
 uterus but don't expect to see or hear that on the evening news. How they have been 
dissecting female bodies for millenia and do not know this to be common knowledge is beyond
 my understanding! so it is up to me and my fellow educators to teach the world.

i do shows for different themes and different fetishes. i wear and demonstrate how to use various items when
 i'm talking about GLBTQ or transgender issues. i'm not afraid to wear a strap-on or be in drag on my shows. i
 also have a large BDSM and Furry community following.

 my sex abuse history and extensive knowledge of mental disorders and their connection
gives me an edge that the viewers keep coming back for. they like how non-judgemental i am
 and how knowledgable about all kinds of sex issues i am. My viewers say they enjoy
 my shows because they can genuinely be themselves without shame or fear and that i help
 them in their relationships.


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