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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Aaron Dreyling: The Spirit is within Him ,on Transition Radio Live Tuesday October 8th at 630 PM EST

Aaron Dreyling is a trans-identified Minnesota born spiritual consultant who founded Divine Given Gifts. Divine Given Gifts is a Spiritual community and Movement. He encourages connection, growth, and exploration of those who come to him. Aaron has over 13 years of experience with various spiritual practices. He has attended multiple seminars, workshops, and conventions highlighting different ways to use our Divine Gifts, and spiritual wellness. At the age of 14 he began to help others to be aware of their gifts. Through the course of his spiritual development he studied various Spiritual leaders and Icons. to expand his knowledge for this journey. After graduating from Simley High School in 2005, Aaron began attending college at Minneapolis Community Technical College. Aaron now spends his time maintaining, creating inspirational content and communicating on Facebook. online community. Divine Given Gifts, creating content and caring for others spiritual set-backs when asked. He’s currently leading individuals, and groups in connecting with their Divine spirit, recognizing spiritual gifts, releasing negativity, centering, grounding, and developing their Divine given gifts. He has also worked with Shift UCC MN, a progressive faith based program in Minnesota, as a Spiritual Advisor. He is well versed in various spiritual practices, Such as: ~ Guided meditation ~ Healings: Crystals and Hands On (But only close to body) ~ Readings: (Runes, Orical, Original style with no aid. And more including Angel) ~ New & Old dwelling cleansing and Blessing ~ Personal cleansing and protection ~ Ghost vanquishing ~ Spiritual direction counseling ~ EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping) Aaron hopes to reach as many people as possible, through many ways. He feels being a spiritual beacon within and outside the spiritual communities he encounters over time. His dream is to one day own and operate a fully equipped spiritual retreat center.

Click link to listen to the show live at 630 PM EST Oct 8th 2013


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