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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Live on Transition Radio TV Show Novemeber 7th at 8 PM EST with Jessica Lam making a difference in our world

As a first-born son to Cuban parents, Jessica was raised as your typical little Latin boy. Yet despite of her upbringing, she can remember at a very young age, she desired to be a girl. And although neither of her parents encouraged this, she felt this was inevitable. She was intrigued by the female identity, the fashions, the visual presentation, and how a girl behaves and how she feels. Jessica didn’t always fit in with the rest of the boys, because inside… as she quoted: I wanted to be just “one of the girls”. Late in her childhood years, she would experiment and pursue these desires by indulging in feminine routines like shaving her legs, styling her hair and shaping her eyebrows. She was embarrassed by her body; And secretly at night, she wished to God she could wake in the morning as a girl. Although she wanted to be female, she did not find herself attracted to boys, but preferred dating girls. Over the last decade, she has become an advocate for the gay, lesbian and transgender issues in public forums and working with non-profit organizations. She is involved with many local organizations such as Pridelines Youth Services, the YES! Institute, the Alliance for GLBTQ Youth. Some of her many accomplishments include coordinating the first Transgender Education Medical Symposium in May, 2010, in North Miami Beach, FL. Other highlights include appearing nationally on television programs such as Larry King Live, Ricky Lakes and internationally on Don Francisco Presenta, Maria Elvira Live, 7 Dias, among others. . She is determined to continue to work towards helping the world understand and learn to accept the differences between all people and she has recently published a new childrens book the adventure of Tina and Jordan.


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