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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Michelle Spicer live on Transition Radio Tuesday November 5th at 630 PM EST

Michelle is a writer on the leading edge of the transgender movement for those who are just starting their transition and those who are well experienced in the ways of the transgender world.  Having written over ninety comprehensive articles covering everything from relationships to some of the most important obstacles faced by transgender people in all walks of life. As a graduate of the University of Victoria with a BA  in Cultural Anthropology and Geography she brings an interesting insight to the lives and struggles of LGBT people all over the world.  She also possesses an Associate of Arts Diploma from Camosun College, a Pharmacy Technician Diploma from Sprott-Shaw community college and a Clinical Hypnotherapy certification from the New England Institute of Hypnotherapy. She started her transition in 2006 and underwent GRS in Montreal, Canada under the capable hands of Dr. Brassard. Since coming out she has survived assault, harassment, ignorance, job loss, domestic violence and an unbelievable amount of problems from the populace of Vancouver BC.  She has since moved to Victoria BC which is much safer but still lacks the understanding required to properly accommodate their transgender population.
     Michelle has been writing on and off since she was a teen and is working on a book about her transgender experiences as well as  a book about her growing up in an alcoholic family. Having been physically, emotionally and sexually abused by her father she deals on a daily basis with the emotional baggage left behind while growing up in the house of a brutal alcoholic. She has worked in various positions and has a lot of life experience to share for anyone who might gain some insight from her struggles. She is Anglican and regularly attends church and in her spare time she likes to walk, hike, read, consume documentaries and crime drama. She continues to write about LGBT issues as well as the many other things that interest her.

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