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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rocky is a young FTM with much Heart and Soul will be live on Transition Radio TV October 10th at 8 PM EST

Rocky was born Racquel, but now identifies himself as a transgender 15 year old boy. He knew when he was 2 that he was not female. His family knew since he was 4, when he came to his mom and said, “Mommy, what if there was a girl, and there was a boy living inside her body?” He has never once expressed being female. Ever!
After years of people saying “she’s just a tomboy,” bullying at school, working with doctors, resistance from teachers and other adults, mandated therapy, switching schools, and generally feeling like he didn’t belong anywhere, Rocky made the decision to come out fully as a male as he entered Junior High School.
Over the years, Rocky has appeared 3 times on Channel 11 WPIX Morning News, received awards and attended various LGBT events to support kids going through tough times. He spoke on a panel with educators at Hunter College and at his own high school on the subject of anti-bullying. Two years ago, Rocky received a New York Proclamation. He also performed in an anti bully theatre performance in school.
Recently, Rocky finally had a legal name change, was cleared for hormone blockers, testosterone and recently a double mastectomy. He has had 2 surgeries. Though it has drained the family’s finances, his family knew it was extremely important for his emotional well being. Some people think he is young for this operation, but he had become so depressed over these last 3 years throughout puberty... not being comfortable in his own body, unable to enjoy a simple thing like taking off his shirt and jumping in a pool with friends. Rocky is extremely creative. He plays the guitar and drums, enjoys photography, creating videos, acting and singing. He has dreams of becoming a motivational speaker.

click on link to watch and chat live at 8 PM EST 10/10/13 http://www.transitionradio.net/chat_and_television.html

Transition Radio TV #47 - Rocky and Gina by NOTSTR8tv

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