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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tuesday live on Transition Radio Oct 15th at 8 PM EST with Anthony Johnson an HIV Survivor and Advocate

Anthony Johnson is a community advocate, a volunteer with a number of organizations, creator and organizer of an HIV social/support group, and 18 year survivor of HIV.  But before we bring him on we want to thank our sponsor the breast form store dot com, they have everything you could possibly need for your transgender or cross dressing needs. Visit their website and tell them Mark and Jess from Transition radio sent you. Anthony quotes: A few years ago I was ready to end my life because of the health issues I was facing and the isolation I was dealing with. I have fought that and am now in the best health I have ever been in (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). One of the things I have done is to publicize my life living with HIV and the obstacles I have overcome though different local and national campaigns and media interviews. The reason for this is to reduce stigma associated with HIV/AIDS and help people understand that though this is now a manageable disease in many ways, there are still issues that many of us face. We should not live in fear and shame for having a very HUMAN condition. I am also a fulltime student earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology and only have a few more weeks to go. I am excited because I know that the next part of my journey will be just as AMAZING as the last.  Now welcome to our Show the inspirational Anthony Johnson.


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