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Friday, December 6, 2013


From Mother and Daughter to Mother and Son

My name is Ethan Robinson. I am a 25-year-old trans male from Western New York. Although born in Buffalo, NY, I spent most of my life growing up in South Florida. After graduating from high school and attending college in Florida, I decided to return to the Buffalo area in 2006 to be close to my father, who later in 2008 passed away suddenly (so glad I moved). I immediately became actively involved in the local LGBT activist community. I returned to college as a full-time student in 2012, and aim to graduate in Business Marketing during 2015. My gender identity is the product of an evolving self-discovery that has developed over some years. I am engaged to a wonderful woman who is also trans* and thus understands me on a very real level. I have a stepdaughter who is 15 whom I love, and a dog and two cats. I am in the process of helping to organize a benefit for my top surgery that will occur in May, with Dr. Garramone. I currently partake in vlogging my transition on my personal YouTube channel. I hope to grow that channel and talk about a broadening range of issues as time goes on. I have a wonderful, supportive and loving family. Upon coming out as trans, my biggest concern was about maintaining a strong relationship with my Mom. When I first came out to her she was undeniably in a state of shock, and not really understanding what being trans was all about. We have come a long way together since then, but the journey is far from over. It has been interesting, and continues to be, to watch our relationship evolve. From Mother and Daughter to Mother and Son, what an incredibly loving woman she is to embrace me. My Mother does have her struggles with regards to me changing my gender and that is all a part of this journey. I believe that when we transition, our family also has to transition in a sense.



  1. Thanks for inviting me Mark and Jessica! :)

    1. You are very welcome Ethan and thank you for taking part.