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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday live January 16th at 8 PM EST with Vanessa Victoria

 Raised in Aguadilla, PR. Vanessa Victoria is the middle child of 3, a brother & sister. At 14 was cast in "Jesus Christ Superstar". Started & choreographed a dance group in high school. Went on a small tour around Puerto Rico, to compete & won 3 trophies. Graduated in 2003. Went off then, to study different things & broaden her horizons. In March 2006 moved to New York & In July of that year started her transition. It wasn't until 2007, when she had he first modeling/runway gig & from their on to photo shoots! Vanessa currently works for The Research Foundation of The City University of New York as a Research Assistant for a study for men who have sex with men & Research Assistant & Peer Health Navigator, in a study/intervention for Trans Women called “T-Talk”. She is also an Ambassador & Executive Board member of The Transgender Women of Color Collective. Was cast in The Trans Women Theater Troupe, Play: In My Skin, debuting in November 2013 in New York City. Is going to be part of & endorsing a new LGBTQ anti-violence campaign, in 2014.

  She is a fearless activist for LGBT youth, Transgender rights & for HIV patients. She is a passionate woman with a lot of ambitions: She’s an Activist, a Model & an Entertainer!

She plans to continue her work, that she enjoys so much & keep growing in it & be able to lead/guide others. Fashion is her life & she intents on making something MAJOR & Beautiful of it!

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