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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tuesday live on Transition Radio with Jeri Estes at 630 PM EST

Author Jeri Estes was born and raised in Southern CA. Her popular novel, STILETTOS AND STEEL is based on her adventures as a teenage runaway in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco during the sixties. But before we bring her on we want to thank our sponsors 

After surviving four years in the TL, Jeri returned to her roots in the San Fernando Valley, becoming clean and sober and going back to school. She acquired a degree in nursing and then entered the non-profit sector as an activist for women’s health issuesJeri was hired as the Public Relations Director at the Alcoholism Center for Women in Los Angeles - the first federally funded treatment program that accepted lesbian patients. Prior tothis, there were no recovery houses or hospital beds available for lesbians. 

Jeri’s outreach campaign to health facilities and government bodies encouraged funding and acceptance of lesbian patients in treatment centers across California. As a result, Jeri was appointed as the Assistant Director of the California Women's Commission on Alcoholism,
educating the public about alcoholism amongst women on national television and radio shows,
while developing a statewide volunteer base to further this effort.
Privately, Jeri has spoken nationwide before thousands carrying her own transformational message of recovery, filled with humor, courage and hope. 

Jeri is currently a writer dividing her time between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Based in Studio City, she is currently working on her second novel.



 check out her website www.jeriestes.com


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