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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday April 28th at 4 PM EST Jade Matirx (Nikka)


Jade NikkaI was born and raised in Germany outside of Cologne, came to Canada as a teenager. Growing up I always knew something was up, but didn't know what.

I knew I felt really girly but the consciousness or freedom to express this to my outside world wasn't there. I'd play with clothes and make up and my parents would let me, but I stayed living as a boy.

I got married young, at 20, we had 2 kids, 2 boys now 13 and 16.

The relationship didn't continue however and so for years we co-parented in the same small community of 12000 people in which we still live, an island off the coast of Vancouver, Canada.

There was a deep part of me that always felt out of place, awkward around typically male interactions, from friends to work something wasn't right.

I never developed into this guy I was supposed to become, not physically and not in any way...and I wasn't very happy....

I've been a musician most of my life, performed with bands all over. The loss of several of her close friends led her to perform songs in front of a video camera in a dress.

Some part inside of her began to realize that time on earth was precious and time spent unhappy was wasting my life away...that I had no time to waste on feeling miserable anymore.

She began living as a woman and telling everyone.

It was amazing how much energy this released in her....

It's been 3 years, since she had SRS, and she quotes I look and feel amazing, counting my lucky stars and blessings every day, for this amazing journey and that it all worked out so well.
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